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MMIX - minispace

13 Oct '04 - The Management


Congratulations on viewing the executive version of this website. You have chosen wisely, and we value your discerning taste in deciding to spend the extra minute to view a product of real quality. Everthing on this site has been designed to meet the exacting standards which you have naturally come to expect.

The site itself has been made from the finest quality silicon-valley pixel and the content has been quality graded to give you the finest in reading and viewing pleasure. There is little or no offensive material apart from four bollocks, one arsehole and a fuck-you, and as they only occur in this introduction you've passed them now.

You can relax and enjoy this quality product, secure in the knowledge that is has been specially created for the lover of fine things and person of good taste (1).


The Management wishes to apologise for being Dutch and for having lived in the UK for 8 years. The Management apologises for being born in 1970 and therefore being quite old and belonging to the infamous 'Generation X'. The Management apologises for currently living in Doetinchem, The Netherlands which is quite a long way away from civilisation as we know it. The Management apologises for posting dull and very uninteresting photographs on this here site.  


Well, at the time of the creation of undersigned webpresence around 1993, The Management was looking for a name for this site. At the time The Management was seriously into Minis (Mini Cooper, the car). Management was also seriously into Blur (Blur, the band). They had a site called 'Blurspace'. Hence The Management came up with the name 'minispace'. It's a bit silly now, but it kind of stuck. BMW uses the name now for all their MINI-sites. Oddly enough they didn't even ask us for permission.


© Kopiereg in die ontwerp en inhoud van hierdie webruimte behoort aan Minispace, uitgesluit die kopiereg in bydraes wat berus by die outeurs wat sodanige bydraes verskaf. Minispace streef na die plasing van oorspronklike materiaal en na die oop en onbeperkte uitruil van idees en menings. Die menings van bydraers tot hierdie werftuiste is dus hul eie en weerspieël nie noodwendig die mening van die redaksie en bestuur van Minispace nie. Minispace kan ongelukkig ook nie waarborg dat hierdie diens ononderbroke of foutloos sal wees nie en gebruikers wat steun op inligting wat hier verskaf word, doen dit op hul eie risiko. Die bestuur en redaksie van Minispace aanvaar derhalwe geen aanspreeklikheid vir enige regstreekse of onregstreekse verlies of skade wat uit sodanige bydraes of die verskaffing van hierdie diens spruit nie. Minispace is ’n onafhanklike joernaal op die Internet.

(1) Freely stolen with great liberty from Monty Python 

Arno Kempers

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