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The first International rally
vicory, won by Pat Moss &
Ann Wisdom in 737 ABL during
the Tulip Rally 1962.

The Rally Minis

The Mini really took off, when people start using it slightly differently as Issigonis had intended. John Cooper pepped up the engine, giving it more power, and once the Cooper S was intruduced, there was no stopping the Mini. Even without Cooper's involvement, using the standard 850 engine, people discovered the excellent handling of the Mini, and start taking it to Rallies.
This section of MiniSpace wants to give an overview of Mini Rallying. For those who want more detailed information on Mini rallying, I suggest buying the books: The Works Minis, by Peter Browning, Mini Cooper & S, by Jeremy Walton, or visit Guy Smiths website. These are the sources for this section of MiniSpace.

Talk about rally-minis, and one image springs to mind; those bouncy red and white works Coopers flying through the scenery at enormous speed. Probably heading for another Monte victory and not only waving the flag for Britain, but also making every other rival look rather gross.
Never has so much outright succes been won by so few litres (997, 1071, 970 and 1275cc).
The Abingdon based BMC Works Rally team, lead by Stuart Turner, really headed off to glory a when the 997 Cooper arrived. It boosted Abingdon's rally fortunes immediately to the chance of outright international wins, something that was not possible with the drum-braked 850. That first international win came with the 997's second outing, the May 1962 Tulip Rally driven by Patt Moss and Ann Wisdom. They has already driven in the 1962 Monte Carlo Rally, where they finished 26th overall, and seventh in their class.
The 997 was rallied in works form from January to November 1962, when a trio of them driven on the RAC Rally by the Finnish rivals Timo Makinen and Rauno Aaltonen were fifth and seventh, with Morrison 13th. By this time, Pat Moss had taken three international wins in a row, so it was not surprise that her ashtonishing 1-litre should finish 3rd overall on the 1963 Monte, or that all the four 997s entered finished, including Hopkirk in sixth place.

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